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Transitional Evolution: Our Task: Expose And Eradicate Inhumane Ideology For The Betterment Of Our Species And Fellow Beings

I vigorously support an ongoing, relentless, head-on, forthright and necessary exposure of, what I think is, really disingenuous ideological agendas to dumb-down and control our species.  This regressive infiltration is being wrought-upon our children, the poor and uneducated, the meek and misinformed and the easily misled, so-called, rational people.  If there is any one thing that could be viewed as an extremely invasive negative impact on our intellectual growth; it would have to be this array of unverifiable philosophies and assumptions of an all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-controlling deity that has created this existence with specific rules and regulations for mankind.  This devious plan not only rapes us of our logic and reason but by its mere nature affects every aspect of the human and animal experience.

What follows can be utilized as a reference for the many influential people, organizations, philosophies and beliefs that can be easily identified as anti-humanity or for loss of a better description, harmful ideologies.  This list (or database) will be a work in progress and additions will be added accordingly.  As a disclaimer of sorts; this list and its contents is information easily harvested from the Internet.  The claim that the list contains harmful ideologies is my opinion and in no way constitutes a definitive accumulation of sources that may have been overlooked or unheard of.  It is highly recommended that this information be viewed as “open to interpretation” and should be scrutinized for the validity it claims.  In the end, it will be you, the reader, that will decide if the list is a cogent representation of what the list represents; harmful ideologies.

This list is in no specific order for its degree of being more or less harmful to the existence of all beings; as being harmful, in itself, decrees an absolute wrong:

To Be Continued…


The 13 Things That Should Be On Your “What Not To Do” List In 2013

  1. Don’t light yourself on fire for any reason whatsoever.  That moment after you have doused yourself in gasoline and you are ready to light the match, stop and hose yourself down.  Nothing is worth doing something like this.
  2. Don’t remain unsatisfied.  Seek satisfaction, whatever that may be.  Do not settle for anything less.
  3. Don’t lie, ever, for whatever reason, even if you believe that lying is doing some sort of good for another, it isn’t, lying reproduces more than rabbits and it eventually rears its ugly head and kicks you to the curb.  You will lose everything just as you would if you were an alcoholic, a heroin addict, a meth-head or any other substance abuser.  Keep clear from the act of lying and others that do.  In fact, confront the liar and you’ll see how their lie turns and twists into all kinds of directions deflecting the truth.  It really is quite disturbing and definitely not productive.
  4. Don’t force feed your beliefs on your children, allow them to be freethinkers and to discern for themselves what is true and what isn’t true, for them, not for you.  You will be giving your child the ultimate opportunity a parent could afford to give to an impressionable child and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Show them the way to diversity and the greatness it can produce if it can be free.  Yes, of course, show them inhumanity and then question them what they see and why?  Plant the seed of forever questioning, curiosity and skepticism.  This is how we should grow our children, with good fertile soil, nutrients and lots of sunshine.
  5. Don’t believe everything you hear.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Do your research, educate yourself, read and be sure you know the sources of the propagators, don’t leave any stone unturned until you are absolutely sure you have exhausted all practical means of finding the truth.  Now you can have conviction, confidence and cohesiveness worth respecting.
  6. Don’t be nice to bad people.  For whatever reason, you may have a tendency to “forgive” a person for the bad thing or things they have done.  Really, what does that do?  Does it make you feel better or the bad person?  Are you really saying to the bad person that, hey, it’s okay if you’re bad we forgive you?  It is rare that people change, speak-up and call a spade a spade, they need to know that they have done wrong and it will not be tolerated in this society.  Being nice should only be utilized for people who deserve it.  You get what you give.
  7. Don’t think for one moment that the Republican Party isn’t going to yield towards their far-right agendas, in fact, any left-leaning, centrist or moderate Republican will be a dinosaur in the next couple of years.  It will be, as always, the logical, reasonable, level-headed, far-sighted individuals at the front of the battle lines pushing the wing-nuts out of existence.  We do not have a choice, we must act, our lives and humanity depend on it.  Make it your creed for sanity and fairness.
  8. Don’t buy, breed or sell animals.  You know the type, you see them every weekend at flea markets, parking lots, on corners, even you local puppy mill store.  This is abuse.  If you must have an animal, adopt and neuter the animal that you are adopting.  The statistics are beyond unacceptable, we know this but yet we still continue or allow it to go on.  Be vocal, be supportive, give your time and money to an organization that helps our fellow beings that don’t have a chance without our help.
  9. Do not donate to religious organizations.  Please take the time and do your research for your altruistic endeavors.  There are many secular-based organizations that do great work and without an agenda.
  10. Don’t tell me God and Jesus did whatever and the Bible is the truth.  There is no evidence of the claims, none, zero, zip, so shut the fuck-up.  There are a zillion and a half religions on this planet and they all have similar stories.  They are nothing more than myths, proven.  If you attempt to explain to me how I must really understand the mysterious supernatural meanings behind your God and religion I will not be a nice person to you.  In fact, I will insult your intelligence in front of your children, your family and anyone else that is nearby.  And, by the way, I will definitely be using your God’s name in vain.
  11. Don’t delay, quit or deny that you don’t need to learn anything as it is never too late to educate yourself.  May you be a teenager or a senior near death.  Study the sciences in nature and our universe as they are unfolding and changing on a daily basis.  The amazement that can be found on one square inch of earth is unparalleled to anything that can be creatively thought off or devised.  Do all of us a favor, learn and then live.
  12. Don’t do nothing.  Do something, anything.  Write down thirteen things to do in 2013 and do them, whatever that may be, just do them, get in motion.  You only have one life and it is very, very short.
  13. Don’t forget who you are.  You are a human being on a planet in the universe.  The planet is called Earth.  There are many living things on this planet and you happen to be one of them, a human.  A human has a very short lifespan, time is important to you or at least it should be.  Use it wisely.  See the other living things around you, the animals, the plants, the bugs and all of the other beings that exist here with us.  They are just as important as you are.  We all share this place and we must learn to respect each other and understand the importance of the life they own.  It’s not your life or my life it’s our lives.  Let’s make it a better place for every living thing, let’s do the right thing and not harm or abuse animals, they have no one but us to protect them.  They have no voices, you hold the power to hear and help them.  Love them as you would love yourself for they are part of you, of me, of all of us.  We are one together and we must fight for the right to live without injustice and inhumanity for all creatures and living beings.

Why Do We Call It A Party When It’s Obviously Not?

The Tea Party, The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, The Socialist Party, The Communist Party, The Party For Freedom, The Labor Party, The Party Of The Party For The Party and all the other thousands of parties going on right now all over the world, I have to ask; Are you having fun yet?  Is it an open bar or is it b.y.o.b.?  Is it a stag or mixed party?  Black Tie or Business Casual?  Shorts and flip-flops ok?  Live band or DJ?  Oh, it’s not that kind of party at all.  It’s a what?  A serious party.  A serious party?  How do you have a serious party, isn’t that kind of backwards, I mean, the parties I usually go to aren’t serious at all, that’s why it’s called a party, right?  No, these parties are serious and mean business.  Wow, I don’t think I would like to go to one of those parties, do you?  I don’t know, I know I’ve been to some funerals that have been some of the best parties I have ever been to and I guess that would be a serious party, wouldn’t it?  Yeah, I see your point, interesting.  And there was even business going on there to, at the funeral, well later, once the deceased was buried.  I remember seeing a bunch of guys around a table looking very serious and discussing business of some kind.  I overheard Big Johnny say to Fat Manny; now that Little Donnie bought the farm, Nicky The Dick would pick-up the slack and continue business as usual.  But there was lots of booze, dancing and great food and I didn’t stick around to listen to the business meeting.  Had a great time, got drunk and hopped in the sack with Little Donnie’s niece.  Yeah, I’d go to one of those parties again, for sure.

There’s one thing that the funeral party has in common with all of the other parties; an agenda to control and to me that’s not the definition of a party or one I would want to be invited to.  Now I find out that you just don’t get invited but you have to “join” the party.  Well if you get invited don’t you automatically join-in?  No, no, no, it’s not that easy.  You have to be voted in after being invited and then you can join, actually at that point you don’t have a choice, you have to join the party because the party members voted you in, not all of them but most of them.  Yikes!  You mean some of the party members wouldn’t want me at the party?  Well, sometimes you might get a unanimous vote-in but usually there is a majority of the party that votes you in and yes there will be some that don’t want you there, sorry.  Now I really don’t want to go to that party.

So, these parties all have an agenda, with members that like the agenda and want to invite everyone to join their agenda?  That’s correct.  What are their agendas?  You would have to refer to their platform in order to get an understanding what their agenda is.  Their platform?  They have a platform?  Like a raised structure where their members stand-up there and talk?  Yes and no but you’re on the right track.  A platform is the declared policy of a group that defines their agenda.  For example;  The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have two different platforms, two different declared policies, like allowing women to have an abortion or make it illegal to have one.  This would be one of the many policies in their platforms.  Now this is definitely not sounding like a fun party.  To really understand all these parties you have to educate yourself and dig-in deep to their platforms to see what they stand for, what their agendas are and if they are a party you would like to join.  Its pretty easy once you know where to look and ask questions.  Oh, I get it.

After giving this all some thought why couldn’t we have just one big party?  Couldn’t we put together agendas and platforms from all the parties and have the people vote on one party rather than having to go to different parties to get different things?  To tell you the truth, I’m already all partied-out and tired of talking about it.  I can’t wait until Larry Lips kicks the bucket…

For Christ’s Sake, Jesus! Just Go Away Already, Will Ya?

One can argue, historically, that Jesus Christ both existed and didn’t exist. Of course, that depends on the sources for the debate and the empirical evidence to support the claim. If we look to the Bible as one of the sources you will find  a boat-load of contradictions from the time of his birth, to where he lived and all the other stuff that happened in his life up until his crucifixion and his ultimate rise from the dead to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. All you have to do is do your research, ask the tough questions and land somewhere that you can live with on this matter.

It is quite apparent that a lot of people on this planet unanimously agree that he did, in fact, exist.  Many historians and intellectuals hold hands on this one, waving the “Jesus is real” flag.  In the past I would have waved the flag and proudly offered to the uninitiated that Jesus was a real person and a very gentle and giving individual brought to us by God.  I understand, I get it BUT at the end of the day it boils-down to belief and faith, as there is no empirical evidence.

Looking in the New Testament, we see Jesus come alive in its writings long after he was dead and gone, I believe it was a couple of hundred years later.  So, here we have all these men writing stories about a person that lived two-hundred years prior and they get the storyline really screwed-up to the point of blatant nonsense (I am not going to cite the discrepancies as there are way too many and you can easily do your research to see the conflicts). If you have asked the hard questions and you have done a minimal amount  of research you certainly will find the story of Jesus to be a “copycat” and totally unoriginal myth. Meaning, there are numerous, too numerous to list here, ancient myths about supernatural beings that suspiciously mirror this story of Jesus but they happened a zillion years before him.  Hmm…something to take into consideration when you look to land somewhere.

Weighing the ancient history of our civilization, which, by the way, is taught in our education system, against the accounts in the New Testament, something that is only taught in private schools and religious organizations without the history of ancient mythology, I clearly land in a place that asserts that Jesus is a myth.  A myth but a myth with a moral foundation that clearly existed prior to his so called arrival and without the need of a God to dictate those said morals.

Morality, such as altruism and doing good things for our fellow humans and animals, came into existence via psychological and biological evolution, there was no divine intervention bellowing directives from the clouds, it was in our best interest of survival to discover and create this important, very important part of our DNA.  Allow me to illustrate an analogy that might provide a better understanding of the necessity for this discovery and creation of morality.  I will use humans as an example even though I confidently think morality started much further back on the evolutionary tree before our species existed and it carried over as part of survival.

Some 4 million years ago a tribe gathered by a small river to gather water.  The leader of this tribe was overbearing and demanding to the tribe.  He would yell-out orders, pushing and shoving others to the ground for not doing what he wanted.  As  the day was nearing to an end and the tribe was ready to return to their camp, a young man fell into the river and began to be pulled downstream in the powerful torrents.  The tribes people yelled, screamed and cried aloud yet the leader barked at everyone to continue back to camp.  There was one man in the tribe that became so overwhelmed that the leader’s harsh demands fell upon his ears with no impact, it was if the man became deaf to everything but the muffled screams of the young man in the river.  The man dropped his two buckets of water and jumped into the rushing water.  The rest of the tribe, seeing this, dropped their buckets and ran towards the river.  The man in the river finally caught-up to the flailing boy and quickly embraced him and pulled him to shore.  The boy was saved, he was alive.  The tribes people whooped and hollered, they jumped up and down in joy but the leader wasn’t so impressed, in fact, he was downright insane with hate and loathing for this display of humanity.  As the man pulled the boy up the bank and onto the plateau, the tribes people gathered around and hugged the man and the boy, they were crying and laughing at the same time.  As the leader neared the gathered crowd he yelled loudly and a hush came over the tribes people.  They feared the leader would punish them.  The leader proclaimed that both the man and the boy must be killed immediately, as the man disobeyed him.  The  people looked at each other with their eyes darting back and forth between the man, the boy and the leader. The leader was getting very impatient and he demanded that his will be done. A calm came over the crowd as four very large tribesmen walked slowly towards the leader.  One of them broke the neck of the leader while the other three bashed his head with large stones. The leader lay there motionless, dead.  The crowd slowly walked away towards camp, hugging and holding each other.

You see, its quite simple when you view it in an evolutionary sense.  The tribes people were threatened with a force that endangered their survival while a force of altruism guaranteed survival.  The boy was saved, able to participate in procreating thus keeping the gene sequence alive and propagating. If he was allowed to die when there was a chance of survival and that behavior became the norm, then survival would eventually be moot. The man who selflessly gave himself to an unknown, being overwhelmed to do so, is clearly a sign of innate morality or in this sense altruism.

Therefore, in conclusion with this analogy, the myth of Jesus is clearly made-up from something that is already in our DNA and we don’t and didn’t need a Jesus or a God to tell us to do it. The religious zealots bemoan the downfall of our society because we are not following their way, their way to salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven.  They say the bad things that happen today are because of our lack of morality, our lack of worship, of us pushing God and Jesus out of our schools.

There is one thing very clear to me in all of this; its the church, the Bible, Jesus and everything else religious is seeking to fill the job position left open by the killing of the tribes leader.  You know what?  That isn’t going to happen again, ever.  That job position has been closed.


Like Leeches On An Open Wound

Friday, December 14th, 2012 will go down into the annals of United States history as one of the most heinous crimes ever committed by a single murderer.  26 children and adults, twenty of them 6 and 7 year olds, were brutally gunned-down in an upper-income so called idyllic suburban Connecticut town, Newtown.  A very tragic and heart-wrenching event that will live in the minds of the people in that community and of course the families that have been affected for the remainder of their lives.

Earlier this year yet another unexplainable act of terror and mayhem played-out in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, where a mentally unstable man open-fired in the darkened  theater, murdering 12 people, young and old, as they began watching the new release of Batman.

Both are extremely disturbing events but this latest tragedy has hit deep into the realm of seeking the “Why” did it happen to such innocent little children with their lives fully ahead of them?  The short answer is guns.  In both events,  a young white man with semi-automatic weapons and supposed mental instability but with a higher than normal IQ, systematically murdered innocent people for what they saw as the correct thing to do.  Again, that nagging question stabs into our brains and hearts in search of the answer.  Well, maybe there isn’t one or maybe there is.

These seemingly identical underlying circumstances unfolded in an all too familiar way.  We all work towards coming to grips with the unknown factors that drove these individuals to proceed with their thoughts.  Initially, some will be comforted by family and friends while others will never be comforted by the shallow explanations that are given to them.  The one thing in common however, is the inevitable insertion of the God factor.  This is where it gets twisted and so far to the irrational side it is insulting.

The religious leaders quickly rallied themselves from all over the United States and headed for Newtown.  Here come the local pastors, ministers, priests and the even the Graham evangelicals flying-in from Texas to lend a spiritual hand.  Does this all of a sudden turn into a media event for God?  I say someone should be condemning this God, not placating these poor, poor families that are near death themselves over their loses.  This bullshit has to stop!  If there was a God then that God is a maniacal entity not worthy of any attention; as this God allowed the senseless murders of these little children.  Oh yes, but God has his plan and we should just accept his mysterious ways?  It is crap like this that is so far beyond cruel it should be a crime, a crime to the victim’s families for inflicting psychological harm when they are most vulnerable.  But that’s they way they work, like leeches on an open wound, taking advantage of the moment in the guise of altruism.  They did it in Aurora and they will keep sucking-away at all the tragic media events that come across the airways.  In reality though, leeches are a good thing, right?  They actually serve a medical and scientific purpose.  All you have to do is search with your favorite search engines and peruse information about these amazing little beings to understand their evolutionary continuance.

Ah yes, those leeches, wriggling and squirming about and demonstrating what they do best, leeching and sucking the commonsense right out of you at a time when you are weak.  Here’s one of the biggest leeches in the bucket, Bryan Fischer: Fischer said that God could have protected the victims of this massacre, but didn’t because “God is not going to go where he is not wanted” and so if school administrators really want to protect students, they will start every school day with prayer…”

Oh, let us not forget about the female leeches: Victoria Jackson sank to a new low with a post on her Facebook page just hours after the tragedy began unfolding at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  And its all about abortions being the cause of this tragedy.  Of course, how stupid can we be?  God punishing innocent people for choices other people made.  Man, what a cool God, right?

There’s a saying somewhere that states “From bad comes good”, well in this case we have “From bad comes bad” and that is in the form of these Danger People, the bad leeches.

The good leeches (an analogy for medicine and science) that can help these ailing families in a humanistic way with medication, great psychological support and ongoing therapy, is the proper, just and intellectually method of a safe and true recovery.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss It’s Bullshit

Religion or politics, specifically the far-right, take your pick, to me they are basically the same animal.  These groups, filled with rhetoric, dogma, outright lies, the denial of science, the facts of our universe and a ceaseless list of conspiracy theories, could be viewed as ignorant, meaning; lacking knowledge or misinformed.  I don’t buy into their obvious nature to “ignore” (from the verb ignorare) reality.  Some people will claim that these groups are just ignorant; I propose that’s a bunch of bullshit and that they are clearly aware of the reality that surrounds them.  The purveyors consciously choose to take the path of deception for their own agendas and in turn they indoctrinate their believers and followers, thus perpetuating their brand of bliss.

I have found myself caught-up in veraciously informing and educating myself about our reality and the more I learn what is real and verifiable I find an egregious hatred for the blissful bunch.  Pretty strong words and emotions to have for sure but when faced with the inhumanity and injustices these groups actually plan to disseminate it isn’t time to love thy neighbor and shrug it off as their own ignorance.  It’s a time to reach-out and inform.  Easier said than done, right?  We can place the truth and facts on the plate in front of their faces but they will always fall into their ignorant bliss, that’s their motive of operation.  Not accepting the truth is beyond unacceptable,  as it certainly deters our progress as a species in the quest for a better world and a just society for our people.  What the fuck is wrong with this picture?  And these people are in our public service, our schools and the most defining aberration of their cause would be exemplified by their churches and places of worship.

Now, once you start making a cocktail of religion and politics you have literally created nothing less than a nuclear bomb.  It can wipe-out our civilization if left unchecked and it is really unfortunate that we have to keep vigilant in our quest to allow freedom for all.  It should be a no-brainer but remember now, we’re dealing with the ignorant right.

Here’s a couple of websites that I highly recommend as they remain vigilant in informing us about the ongoing insanity of these groups.  The first one Right Wing Watch leans towards the religious wing-nuts and Daily Kos seems to be more the underpinnings of right-wing politics.

I guarantee you, either one will provide you with an array of emotions and a great start to sharing the awareness of these harmful, delusional and ideological groups that live among us.

‘Tis The Season To Tax The Churches Fa La La La La La La La La!

The religious-right wing-nuts, the ones that make-up shit as they go along, jump up and down and bang their fists against their heads, screaming and wailing that they are being persecuted through religious censorship by declaring there is a war on Christmas.  Ah yes, there’s nothing better to do to help your cause then to bring attention to yourself and the fine line your tax exempt organizations walk upon.

Since becoming “self-realized” it seems that I have been missing-out on all this drama all these years and not giving a single thought to the idea of the religious aspect of Christmas being afforded a place in our public arena.   I mean, I remember growing-up and it was expected to see a nativity scene in front of the State Capitol, City and Town Halls, as well as on the snow-covered lawns of schools.  Who would have thought that this was a blatant thumbing of their noses at the First Amendment and Establishment Clause in our Constitution?

As the years slogged along I can remember some background noise in the news about organizations complaining about nativity scenes being displayed in public places and I thought to myself; “What the fuck is wrong with these people?  Its Christmas for Christ’s Sake!  Its supposed to be this way!”  I really never gave it another thought.  In fact, I really did look forward to Christmas, just like everyone else.  Yeah, there was a little of the Jesus thing going on but mostly it was the “spirit” of Christmas and being with friends and family that was most appealing.  And I loved to give away presents much more than receiving.  I guess I could have been called a good person for feeling that way and actually doing it.  But that feeling didn’t come in the form of a religious belief or a perceived sense of responsibility it came from somewhere deep in the being, something that is in most of us.

Today there is a whole different lens that I’m looking through.  That “spirit” of Christmas is gone, death and miles separate family and friends and frankly it has become more of a pain in the ass than anything.  Out of the rubble, however, remains one attribute that never went away, giving, giving and not wanting.  A religious person would call that a “Good Christian” while the free-thinking non-believer will merely smile and appreciate the innate quality that our species (and many sub-species as well) have held onto for survival.  This is what separates a critically thinking human and one that has been indoctrinated or taught to believe that without a God one cannot be a good person.  This is just one of the many delusional perceptions that the religious so desperately believe.  It just isn’t good enough for them to hold these beliefs and go about their daily lives but they believe that every last man, woman and child on this planet must believe the same as them.  This is God’s plan and only their God’s.

In retrospect and with grateful thanks and respect for the forward thinking intellectuals that framed and created our Constitution, the First Amendment and the Establishment Clause is really our only weapon against these religiously crazed groups of individuals and organizations.  Without the clause there would be a Holy War and I don’t say this in jest; as we see in other countries around the world, religion is irrational, delusional and very, very dangerous.  I don’t put it past the wing-nuts in our country to be susceptible to violent measures in the fight for their so-called religious freedom, the one thing that they clearly have here in the United States.

But that isn’t enough for them.  They want it in our government, our schools, our science, they want to change our history, the history of the world, the universe, they want to take away the rights of individuals, their freedom of speech and dictate the world on their terms as told to them by their God.  There is something terribly wrong in this equation, our government, we the people, have given them tax-exempt status for their organizations and churches but have made it very clear that they are to stay clear of the public arena.  Out of our government and out of our schools.  But they won’t and they don’t, they keep pushing agendas using politics to place God in charge.  Apparently their agenda warrants a real good look by the IRS and the IRS has to step-up to the plate and start fining and or revoking the tax-exempt status.

You want Jesus at the Town Hall?  Be careful what you ask for.