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The 13 Things That Should Be On Your “What Not To Do” List In 2013

January 3, 2013
  1. Don’t light yourself on fire for any reason whatsoever.  That moment after you have doused yourself in gasoline and you are ready to light the match, stop and hose yourself down.  Nothing is worth doing something like this.
  2. Don’t remain unsatisfied.  Seek satisfaction, whatever that may be.  Do not settle for anything less.
  3. Don’t lie, ever, for whatever reason, even if you believe that lying is doing some sort of good for another, it isn’t, lying reproduces more than rabbits and it eventually rears its ugly head and kicks you to the curb.  You will lose everything just as you would if you were an alcoholic, a heroin addict, a meth-head or any other substance abuser.  Keep clear from the act of lying and others that do.  In fact, confront the liar and you’ll see how their lie turns and twists into all kinds of directions deflecting the truth.  It really is quite disturbing and definitely not productive.
  4. Don’t force feed your beliefs on your children, allow them to be freethinkers and to discern for themselves what is true and what isn’t true, for them, not for you.  You will be giving your child the ultimate opportunity a parent could afford to give to an impressionable child and it doesn’t cost a thing.  Show them the way to diversity and the greatness it can produce if it can be free.  Yes, of course, show them inhumanity and then question them what they see and why?  Plant the seed of forever questioning, curiosity and skepticism.  This is how we should grow our children, with good fertile soil, nutrients and lots of sunshine.
  5. Don’t believe everything you hear.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Do your research, educate yourself, read and be sure you know the sources of the propagators, don’t leave any stone unturned until you are absolutely sure you have exhausted all practical means of finding the truth.  Now you can have conviction, confidence and cohesiveness worth respecting.
  6. Don’t be nice to bad people.  For whatever reason, you may have a tendency to “forgive” a person for the bad thing or things they have done.  Really, what does that do?  Does it make you feel better or the bad person?  Are you really saying to the bad person that, hey, it’s okay if you’re bad we forgive you?  It is rare that people change, speak-up and call a spade a spade, they need to know that they have done wrong and it will not be tolerated in this society.  Being nice should only be utilized for people who deserve it.  You get what you give.
  7. Don’t think for one moment that the Republican Party isn’t going to yield towards their far-right agendas, in fact, any left-leaning, centrist or moderate Republican will be a dinosaur in the next couple of years.  It will be, as always, the logical, reasonable, level-headed, far-sighted individuals at the front of the battle lines pushing the wing-nuts out of existence.  We do not have a choice, we must act, our lives and humanity depend on it.  Make it your creed for sanity and fairness.
  8. Don’t buy, breed or sell animals.  You know the type, you see them every weekend at flea markets, parking lots, on corners, even you local puppy mill store.  This is abuse.  If you must have an animal, adopt and neuter the animal that you are adopting.  The statistics are beyond unacceptable, we know this but yet we still continue or allow it to go on.  Be vocal, be supportive, give your time and money to an organization that helps our fellow beings that don’t have a chance without our help.
  9. Do not donate to religious organizations.  Please take the time and do your research for your altruistic endeavors.  There are many secular-based organizations that do great work and without an agenda.
  10. Don’t tell me God and Jesus did whatever and the Bible is the truth.  There is no evidence of the claims, none, zero, zip, so shut the fuck-up.  There are a zillion and a half religions on this planet and they all have similar stories.  They are nothing more than myths, proven.  If you attempt to explain to me how I must really understand the mysterious supernatural meanings behind your God and religion I will not be a nice person to you.  In fact, I will insult your intelligence in front of your children, your family and anyone else that is nearby.  And, by the way, I will definitely be using your God’s name in vain.
  11. Don’t delay, quit or deny that you don’t need to learn anything as it is never too late to educate yourself.  May you be a teenager or a senior near death.  Study the sciences in nature and our universe as they are unfolding and changing on a daily basis.  The amazement that can be found on one square inch of earth is unparalleled to anything that can be creatively thought off or devised.  Do all of us a favor, learn and then live.
  12. Don’t do nothing.  Do something, anything.  Write down thirteen things to do in 2013 and do them, whatever that may be, just do them, get in motion.  You only have one life and it is very, very short.
  13. Don’t forget who you are.  You are a human being on a planet in the universe.  The planet is called Earth.  There are many living things on this planet and you happen to be one of them, a human.  A human has a very short lifespan, time is important to you or at least it should be.  Use it wisely.  See the other living things around you, the animals, the plants, the bugs and all of the other beings that exist here with us.  They are just as important as you are.  We all share this place and we must learn to respect each other and understand the importance of the life they own.  It’s not your life or my life it’s our lives.  Let’s make it a better place for every living thing, let’s do the right thing and not harm or abuse animals, they have no one but us to protect them.  They have no voices, you hold the power to hear and help them.  Love them as you would love yourself for they are part of you, of me, of all of us.  We are one together and we must fight for the right to live without injustice and inhumanity for all creatures and living beings.
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