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Like Leeches On An Open Wound

December 15, 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012 will go down into the annals of United States history as one of the most heinous crimes ever committed by a single murderer.  26 children and adults, twenty of them 6 and 7 year olds, were brutally gunned-down in an upper-income so called idyllic suburban Connecticut town, Newtown.  A very tragic and heart-wrenching event that will live in the minds of the people in that community and of course the families that have been affected for the remainder of their lives.

Earlier this year yet another unexplainable act of terror and mayhem played-out in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, where a mentally unstable man open-fired in the darkened  theater, murdering 12 people, young and old, as they began watching the new release of Batman.

Both are extremely disturbing events but this latest tragedy has hit deep into the realm of seeking the “Why” did it happen to such innocent little children with their lives fully ahead of them?  The short answer is guns.  In both events,  a young white man with semi-automatic weapons and supposed mental instability but with a higher than normal IQ, systematically murdered innocent people for what they saw as the correct thing to do.  Again, that nagging question stabs into our brains and hearts in search of the answer.  Well, maybe there isn’t one or maybe there is.

These seemingly identical underlying circumstances unfolded in an all too familiar way.  We all work towards coming to grips with the unknown factors that drove these individuals to proceed with their thoughts.  Initially, some will be comforted by family and friends while others will never be comforted by the shallow explanations that are given to them.  The one thing in common however, is the inevitable insertion of the God factor.  This is where it gets twisted and so far to the irrational side it is insulting.

The religious leaders quickly rallied themselves from all over the United States and headed for Newtown.  Here come the local pastors, ministers, priests and the even the Graham evangelicals flying-in from Texas to lend a spiritual hand.  Does this all of a sudden turn into a media event for God?  I say someone should be condemning this God, not placating these poor, poor families that are near death themselves over their loses.  This bullshit has to stop!  If there was a God then that God is a maniacal entity not worthy of any attention; as this God allowed the senseless murders of these little children.  Oh yes, but God has his plan and we should just accept his mysterious ways?  It is crap like this that is so far beyond cruel it should be a crime, a crime to the victim’s families for inflicting psychological harm when they are most vulnerable.  But that’s they way they work, like leeches on an open wound, taking advantage of the moment in the guise of altruism.  They did it in Aurora and they will keep sucking-away at all the tragic media events that come across the airways.  In reality though, leeches are a good thing, right?  They actually serve a medical and scientific purpose.  All you have to do is search with your favorite search engines and peruse information about these amazing little beings to understand their evolutionary continuance.

Ah yes, those leeches, wriggling and squirming about and demonstrating what they do best, leeching and sucking the commonsense right out of you at a time when you are weak.  Here’s one of the biggest leeches in the bucket, Bryan Fischer: Fischer said that God could have protected the victims of this massacre, but didn’t because “God is not going to go where he is not wanted” and so if school administrators really want to protect students, they will start every school day with prayer…”

Oh, let us not forget about the female leeches: Victoria Jackson sank to a new low with a post on her Facebook page just hours after the tragedy began unfolding at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  And its all about abortions being the cause of this tragedy.  Of course, how stupid can we be?  God punishing innocent people for choices other people made.  Man, what a cool God, right?

There’s a saying somewhere that states “From bad comes good”, well in this case we have “From bad comes bad” and that is in the form of these Danger People, the bad leeches.

The good leeches (an analogy for medicine and science) that can help these ailing families in a humanistic way with medication, great psychological support and ongoing therapy, is the proper, just and intellectually method of a safe and true recovery.


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