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‘Tis The Season To Tax The Churches Fa La La La La La La La La!

December 8, 2012

The religious-right wing-nuts, the ones that make-up shit as they go along, jump up and down and bang their fists against their heads, screaming and wailing that they are being persecuted through religious censorship by declaring there is a war on Christmas.  Ah yes, there’s nothing better to do to help your cause then to bring attention to yourself and the fine line your tax exempt organizations walk upon.

Since becoming “self-realized” it seems that I have been missing-out on all this drama all these years and not giving a single thought to the idea of the religious aspect of Christmas being afforded a place in our public arena.   I mean, I remember growing-up and it was expected to see a nativity scene in front of the State Capitol, City and Town Halls, as well as on the snow-covered lawns of schools.  Who would have thought that this was a blatant thumbing of their noses at the First Amendment and Establishment Clause in our Constitution?

As the years slogged along I can remember some background noise in the news about organizations complaining about nativity scenes being displayed in public places and I thought to myself; “What the fuck is wrong with these people?  Its Christmas for Christ’s Sake!  Its supposed to be this way!”  I really never gave it another thought.  In fact, I really did look forward to Christmas, just like everyone else.  Yeah, there was a little of the Jesus thing going on but mostly it was the “spirit” of Christmas and being with friends and family that was most appealing.  And I loved to give away presents much more than receiving.  I guess I could have been called a good person for feeling that way and actually doing it.  But that feeling didn’t come in the form of a religious belief or a perceived sense of responsibility it came from somewhere deep in the being, something that is in most of us.

Today there is a whole different lens that I’m looking through.  That “spirit” of Christmas is gone, death and miles separate family and friends and frankly it has become more of a pain in the ass than anything.  Out of the rubble, however, remains one attribute that never went away, giving, giving and not wanting.  A religious person would call that a “Good Christian” while the free-thinking non-believer will merely smile and appreciate the innate quality that our species (and many sub-species as well) have held onto for survival.  This is what separates a critically thinking human and one that has been indoctrinated or taught to believe that without a God one cannot be a good person.  This is just one of the many delusional perceptions that the religious so desperately believe.  It just isn’t good enough for them to hold these beliefs and go about their daily lives but they believe that every last man, woman and child on this planet must believe the same as them.  This is God’s plan and only their God’s.

In retrospect and with grateful thanks and respect for the forward thinking intellectuals that framed and created our Constitution, the First Amendment and the Establishment Clause is really our only weapon against these religiously crazed groups of individuals and organizations.  Without the clause there would be a Holy War and I don’t say this in jest; as we see in other countries around the world, religion is irrational, delusional and very, very dangerous.  I don’t put it past the wing-nuts in our country to be susceptible to violent measures in the fight for their so-called religious freedom, the one thing that they clearly have here in the United States.

But that isn’t enough for them.  They want it in our government, our schools, our science, they want to change our history, the history of the world, the universe, they want to take away the rights of individuals, their freedom of speech and dictate the world on their terms as told to them by their God.  There is something terribly wrong in this equation, our government, we the people, have given them tax-exempt status for their organizations and churches but have made it very clear that they are to stay clear of the public arena.  Out of our government and out of our schools.  But they won’t and they don’t, they keep pushing agendas using politics to place God in charge.  Apparently their agenda warrants a real good look by the IRS and the IRS has to step-up to the plate and start fining and or revoking the tax-exempt status.

You want Jesus at the Town Hall?  Be careful what you ask for.


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