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Ignorance Is Not Bliss It’s Bullshit

December 13, 2012

Religion or politics, specifically the far-right, take your pick, to me they are basically the same animal.  These groups, filled with rhetoric, dogma, outright lies, the denial of science, the facts of our universe and a ceaseless list of conspiracy theories, could be viewed as ignorant, meaning; lacking knowledge or misinformed.  I don’t buy into their obvious nature to “ignore” (from the verb ignorare) reality.  Some people will claim that these groups are just ignorant; I propose that’s a bunch of bullshit and that they are clearly aware of the reality that surrounds them.  The purveyors consciously choose to take the path of deception for their own agendas and in turn they indoctrinate their believers and followers, thus perpetuating their brand of bliss.

I have found myself caught-up in veraciously informing and educating myself about our reality and the more I learn what is real and verifiable I find an egregious hatred for the blissful bunch.  Pretty strong words and emotions to have for sure but when faced with the inhumanity and injustices these groups actually plan to disseminate it isn’t time to love thy neighbor and shrug it off as their own ignorance.  It’s a time to reach-out and inform.  Easier said than done, right?  We can place the truth and facts on the plate in front of their faces but they will always fall into their ignorant bliss, that’s their motive of operation.  Not accepting the truth is beyond unacceptable,  as it certainly deters our progress as a species in the quest for a better world and a just society for our people.  What the fuck is wrong with this picture?  And these people are in our public service, our schools and the most defining aberration of their cause would be exemplified by their churches and places of worship.

Now, once you start making a cocktail of religion and politics you have literally created nothing less than a nuclear bomb.  It can wipe-out our civilization if left unchecked and it is really unfortunate that we have to keep vigilant in our quest to allow freedom for all.  It should be a no-brainer but remember now, we’re dealing with the ignorant right.

Here’s a couple of websites that I highly recommend as they remain vigilant in informing us about the ongoing insanity of these groups.  The first one Right Wing Watch leans towards the religious wing-nuts and Daily Kos seems to be more the underpinnings of right-wing politics.

I guarantee you, either one will provide you with an array of emotions and a great start to sharing the awareness of these harmful, delusional and ideological groups that live among us.


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