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Why Do We Call It A Party When It’s Obviously Not?

December 24, 2012

The Tea Party, The Republican Party, The Democratic Party, The Socialist Party, The Communist Party, The Party For Freedom, The Labor Party, The Party Of The Party For The Party and all the other thousands of parties going on right now all over the world, I have to ask; Are you having fun yet?  Is it an open bar or is it b.y.o.b.?  Is it a stag or mixed party?  Black Tie or Business Casual?  Shorts and flip-flops ok?  Live band or DJ?  Oh, it’s not that kind of party at all.  It’s a what?  A serious party.  A serious party?  How do you have a serious party, isn’t that kind of backwards, I mean, the parties I usually go to aren’t serious at all, that’s why it’s called a party, right?  No, these parties are serious and mean business.  Wow, I don’t think I would like to go to one of those parties, do you?  I don’t know, I know I’ve been to some funerals that have been some of the best parties I have ever been to and I guess that would be a serious party, wouldn’t it?  Yeah, I see your point, interesting.  And there was even business going on there to, at the funeral, well later, once the deceased was buried.  I remember seeing a bunch of guys around a table looking very serious and discussing business of some kind.  I overheard Big Johnny say to Fat Manny; now that Little Donnie bought the farm, Nicky The Dick would pick-up the slack and continue business as usual.  But there was lots of booze, dancing and great food and I didn’t stick around to listen to the business meeting.  Had a great time, got drunk and hopped in the sack with Little Donnie’s niece.  Yeah, I’d go to one of those parties again, for sure.

There’s one thing that the funeral party has in common with all of the other parties; an agenda to control and to me that’s not the definition of a party or one I would want to be invited to.  Now I find out that you just don’t get invited but you have to “join” the party.  Well if you get invited don’t you automatically join-in?  No, no, no, it’s not that easy.  You have to be voted in after being invited and then you can join, actually at that point you don’t have a choice, you have to join the party because the party members voted you in, not all of them but most of them.  Yikes!  You mean some of the party members wouldn’t want me at the party?  Well, sometimes you might get a unanimous vote-in but usually there is a majority of the party that votes you in and yes there will be some that don’t want you there, sorry.  Now I really don’t want to go to that party.

So, these parties all have an agenda, with members that like the agenda and want to invite everyone to join their agenda?  That’s correct.  What are their agendas?  You would have to refer to their platform in order to get an understanding what their agenda is.  Their platform?  They have a platform?  Like a raised structure where their members stand-up there and talk?  Yes and no but you’re on the right track.  A platform is the declared policy of a group that defines their agenda.  For example;  The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have two different platforms, two different declared policies, like allowing women to have an abortion or make it illegal to have one.  This would be one of the many policies in their platforms.  Now this is definitely not sounding like a fun party.  To really understand all these parties you have to educate yourself and dig-in deep to their platforms to see what they stand for, what their agendas are and if they are a party you would like to join.  Its pretty easy once you know where to look and ask questions.  Oh, I get it.

After giving this all some thought why couldn’t we have just one big party?  Couldn’t we put together agendas and platforms from all the parties and have the people vote on one party rather than having to go to different parties to get different things?  To tell you the truth, I’m already all partied-out and tired of talking about it.  I can’t wait until Larry Lips kicks the bucket…


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