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Transitional Evolution: Our Task: Expose And Eradicate Inhumane Ideology For The Betterment Of Our Species And Fellow Beings

January 16, 2013

I vigorously support an ongoing, relentless, head-on, forthright and necessary exposure of, what I think is, really disingenuous ideological agendas to dumb-down and control our species.  This regressive infiltration is being wrought-upon our children, the poor and uneducated, the meek and misinformed and the easily misled, so-called, rational people.  If there is any one thing that could be viewed as an extremely invasive negative impact on our intellectual growth; it would have to be this array of unverifiable philosophies and assumptions of an all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-controlling deity that has created this existence with specific rules and regulations for mankind.  This devious plan not only rapes us of our logic and reason but by its mere nature affects every aspect of the human and animal experience.

What follows can be utilized as a reference for the many influential people, organizations, philosophies and beliefs that can be easily identified as anti-humanity or for loss of a better description, harmful ideologies.  This list (or database) will be a work in progress and additions will be added accordingly.  As a disclaimer of sorts; this list and its contents is information easily harvested from the Internet.  The claim that the list contains harmful ideologies is my opinion and in no way constitutes a definitive accumulation of sources that may have been overlooked or unheard of.  It is highly recommended that this information be viewed as “open to interpretation” and should be scrutinized for the validity it claims.  In the end, it will be you, the reader, that will decide if the list is a cogent representation of what the list represents; harmful ideologies.

This list is in no specific order for its degree of being more or less harmful to the existence of all beings; as being harmful, in itself, decrees an absolute wrong:

To Be Continued…

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