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For Christ’s Sake, Jesus! Just Go Away Already, Will Ya?

December 20, 2012

One can argue, historically, that Jesus Christ both existed and didn’t exist. Of course, that depends on the sources for the debate and the empirical evidence to support the claim. If we look to the Bible as one of the sources you will find  a boat-load of contradictions from the time of his birth, to where he lived and all the other stuff that happened in his life up until his crucifixion and his ultimate rise from the dead to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. All you have to do is do your research, ask the tough questions and land somewhere that you can live with on this matter.

It is quite apparent that a lot of people on this planet unanimously agree that he did, in fact, exist.  Many historians and intellectuals hold hands on this one, waving the “Jesus is real” flag.  In the past I would have waved the flag and proudly offered to the uninitiated that Jesus was a real person and a very gentle and giving individual brought to us by God.  I understand, I get it BUT at the end of the day it boils-down to belief and faith, as there is no empirical evidence.

Looking in the New Testament, we see Jesus come alive in its writings long after he was dead and gone, I believe it was a couple of hundred years later.  So, here we have all these men writing stories about a person that lived two-hundred years prior and they get the storyline really screwed-up to the point of blatant nonsense (I am not going to cite the discrepancies as there are way too many and you can easily do your research to see the conflicts). If you have asked the hard questions and you have done a minimal amount  of research you certainly will find the story of Jesus to be a “copycat” and totally unoriginal myth. Meaning, there are numerous, too numerous to list here, ancient myths about supernatural beings that suspiciously mirror this story of Jesus but they happened a zillion years before him.  Hmm…something to take into consideration when you look to land somewhere.

Weighing the ancient history of our civilization, which, by the way, is taught in our education system, against the accounts in the New Testament, something that is only taught in private schools and religious organizations without the history of ancient mythology, I clearly land in a place that asserts that Jesus is a myth.  A myth but a myth with a moral foundation that clearly existed prior to his so called arrival and without the need of a God to dictate those said morals.

Morality, such as altruism and doing good things for our fellow humans and animals, came into existence via psychological and biological evolution, there was no divine intervention bellowing directives from the clouds, it was in our best interest of survival to discover and create this important, very important part of our DNA.  Allow me to illustrate an analogy that might provide a better understanding of the necessity for this discovery and creation of morality.  I will use humans as an example even though I confidently think morality started much further back on the evolutionary tree before our species existed and it carried over as part of survival.

Some 4 million years ago a tribe gathered by a small river to gather water.  The leader of this tribe was overbearing and demanding to the tribe.  He would yell-out orders, pushing and shoving others to the ground for not doing what he wanted.  As  the day was nearing to an end and the tribe was ready to return to their camp, a young man fell into the river and began to be pulled downstream in the powerful torrents.  The tribes people yelled, screamed and cried aloud yet the leader barked at everyone to continue back to camp.  There was one man in the tribe that became so overwhelmed that the leader’s harsh demands fell upon his ears with no impact, it was if the man became deaf to everything but the muffled screams of the young man in the river.  The man dropped his two buckets of water and jumped into the rushing water.  The rest of the tribe, seeing this, dropped their buckets and ran towards the river.  The man in the river finally caught-up to the flailing boy and quickly embraced him and pulled him to shore.  The boy was saved, he was alive.  The tribes people whooped and hollered, they jumped up and down in joy but the leader wasn’t so impressed, in fact, he was downright insane with hate and loathing for this display of humanity.  As the man pulled the boy up the bank and onto the plateau, the tribes people gathered around and hugged the man and the boy, they were crying and laughing at the same time.  As the leader neared the gathered crowd he yelled loudly and a hush came over the tribes people.  They feared the leader would punish them.  The leader proclaimed that both the man and the boy must be killed immediately, as the man disobeyed him.  The  people looked at each other with their eyes darting back and forth between the man, the boy and the leader. The leader was getting very impatient and he demanded that his will be done. A calm came over the crowd as four very large tribesmen walked slowly towards the leader.  One of them broke the neck of the leader while the other three bashed his head with large stones. The leader lay there motionless, dead.  The crowd slowly walked away towards camp, hugging and holding each other.

You see, its quite simple when you view it in an evolutionary sense.  The tribes people were threatened with a force that endangered their survival while a force of altruism guaranteed survival.  The boy was saved, able to participate in procreating thus keeping the gene sequence alive and propagating. If he was allowed to die when there was a chance of survival and that behavior became the norm, then survival would eventually be moot. The man who selflessly gave himself to an unknown, being overwhelmed to do so, is clearly a sign of innate morality or in this sense altruism.

Therefore, in conclusion with this analogy, the myth of Jesus is clearly made-up from something that is already in our DNA and we don’t and didn’t need a Jesus or a God to tell us to do it. The religious zealots bemoan the downfall of our society because we are not following their way, their way to salvation and the Kingdom of Heaven.  They say the bad things that happen today are because of our lack of morality, our lack of worship, of us pushing God and Jesus out of our schools.

There is one thing very clear to me in all of this; its the church, the Bible, Jesus and everything else religious is seeking to fill the job position left open by the killing of the tribes leader.  You know what?  That isn’t going to happen again, ever.  That job position has been closed.


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